Jessica and her sleep shaping program are life changing. Our daughter, was 12 weeks old when we started the program.

Since the day we brought her home from the hospital, our daughter refused to sleep anywhere but the swing for naps or on my chest/in my arms at night. My husband and I tried every technique, read every book, asked every friend/family member for advice to try to correct her sleeping habits. We were exhausted and needed help. It wasn’t until a friend recommended Jessica’s services that we had any success.

Since day one of Jessica’s program for our daughter, she has slept exclusively in her crib. She is well rested, so much more alert when awake and happy as can be. Jessica has given my husband and I the tools to provide a foundation of excellent sleep for our little girl. We can’t thank Jessica enough and will continue to sing her praises to all.

Eden and Graeme (daughter, age 12 weeks at time of sleep shaping)

Jessica has changed our lives! So cheesy, but SO true! Our little Abby was 7 months old at the time of training (and I wish she was 3 months when we started the training).  I am/was extremely averse to letting her “cry it out” at all, so we had gotten into some really bad habits of nursing and rocking her to sleep. I often resorted to putting her in the carrier at home, just so that she would sleep.  It sometimes took over 45 minutes to put her to sleep and then she would always wake within 30 mins during the day and then every 2-4 hours throughout the night.  We were exhausted.

We received Jessica’s info from a friend and I contemplated contacting her for about 6 weeks and finally did when my husband and I were at our wit’s end.  Day 1 was definitely the most challenging, but we stuck to the plan and from night 2 she slept through the night (and has for the last 3 weeks!); her naps were SO much better as well – sometime stretching for 1.5 hours and she was consistently getting close to her required amount of day time sleep every day.The most difficult part of the training for us was having to stay home as much as possible for the training period. With Abby, the crying was “controlled” and we had options of how to manage this, which was great as we didn’t feel like we were abandoning or hurting her at all.

Abby is now a much happier baby, with 2 extremely happy and well-rested parents!  I wish that we wouldn’t have contemplated contacting Jessica for 6 weeks and I definitely wish that we would have contacted her before feeling like our lives were falling apart.  I would highly recommend Jessica to anyone feeling lost and struggling with a sleep resistant baby!

Kate and Evan, Calgary, AB (daughter, age 7 months at time of training)

Our daughter Olivia was the definition of a cat napper.  Thirty minutes of being put down for a nap, which required being rocked to sleep, she would wake up crying. This would happen 4-5 times a day and would result in her only getting 2-2.5 hours of sleep a day. After reading what felt like every blog, multiple sleep books and no longer believing the advice that “she will grow out of it”, we contacted Jessica.

After our initial consultation, Jessica reassured us that this sleep behavior was certainly something that she could assist with. A few short days later, we had our detailed sleep-training plan, and by detailed I mean 13 pages! The plan not only went over how we were to get Olivia to nap longer, but also included suggestions on how we should be feeding her, changes to her room to support better napping and answers to many questions that I had when I had tried to “sleep train” Olivia on my own.

Within the first week we noticed an incredible change in our daughter. She was napping an hour and a half at a time, 2 times per day, followed by a short nap before dinner, and her nights had improved too! It made such a difference in Olivia’s mood.

My husband and I felt so supported by Jessica. She was an absolute pleasure to deal with and very prompt to respond to our many questions. We would highly recommend Jessica to anyone. It has been the best decision we have made as a family and the greatest gift that we have been able to give to our daughter.

Nicole and Angelo, Calgary, AB (daughter, age 7 months at time of training)

When I contacted Jessica to start sleep training, we were co-sleeping and (minimal) naps were taking place on the living room floor.  I was desperate to get my bed back and some well deserved adult time.  My little one was 9 months old and had never slept in her crib.  The times she was placed in her crib resulted in screaming even if it was just to play.

The first night we started sleep training, she slept in her crib the whole night and I and finally had my evening/adult time and my bed back.  This was something I thought might be impossible.

With Jessica’s sleep plan, support and me being accountable to follow through, my family is definitely happier and healthier.  I did read some sleep training information online but this came with no one to answer my questions, give me support or hold me accountable to follow through with the plan and this is what I got with Jessica.

I always say that this was one of the best decisions I have made and I should have done it months ago.

Thanks Jessica!!

Abbie and Kent, Saskatchewan. (daughter, age 9 months at time of training)

Our daughter Emma is our third child so you would think we would be able to get it right!  Apparently not when it comes to sleeping!  Our first child was a piece of cake when it came to sleeping; our second an absolute nightmare and we never got help, which we are still paying for now at 3 years old (that will be Jessica’s next job with us!!).  With Emma, we had good intentions and started out good but then made two big mistakes: 1) of letting her have a soother to fall asleep and 2) by letting her sleep for long periods of time while being held!  So after almost 4 months of me having to hold Emma for all her naps and being up several times a night (which is obviously normal to a point for a young baby) we decided we just couldn’t function like that anymore and I contacted Jessica!  It was one of the best decisions we have made!  We had read the sleep books so wondered what more an actual sleep consultant could give us…and the answer is…a sleeping baby!  Emma had just turned 4 months old when we started the sleep training.  I prepared myself for the worst but Jessica’s plan was thorough and she was so involved that it made things much easier.  The first couple days were the most difficult but I was amazed that Emma was actually sleeping in her crib, granted her naps were short.  By the end of the first week she would be having hour long naps in her crib, though she would still cry a lot when she was first put down.  We stuck to the program and after some time she got used to the new routine.  It was so helpful to be able to contact Jessica in the first few weeks of training to help us with any questions we had.  She was able to provide solutions for every problem we ran into!  And two months later Emma is sleeping like a dream child for naps and during the night!  I can’t thank Jessica enough for her help!

Jana and Carlo, Ontario (daughter, age 4 months at time of training)

When I first decided to seek out a professional sleep consultant my son was waking every 30-45 minutes at night.   The only way I was able to get some sleep was to sit up in bed holding him, he did not necessarily always want to nurse, and he wasn’t dependent on a soother, but he just wanted the comfort of mom to help him back to sleep every time he woke. We were exhausted to say the least and needed to teach him to self soothe.

Jessica was amazing! She created a very detailed sleep plan for us based on our sons age and his (and our) needs.  On the day we chose to begin the training, the naps, as expected, did not go so well and before bedtime I had set up my camp in the spare bedroom anticipating to be up all night.  It took an hour the first night to get him to sleep and then he slept the whole night!!  We were amazed!  It surprised me how quickly sleeping through the night happened for us, naps took a little longer to solidify.  We now have a great sleeping and feeding routine and there is, usually, no crying before naps or bedtime. The best part of it all is that my son is happier and more alert now when he is awake!

The support Jessica provided via the phone and email was invaluable.  She is an incredible source of information and answered all my questions each day in a timely manner. She also encouraged me when, rarely, we had a difficult day and I was feeling discouraged. We have not had this much sleep since before our son was born.  I only wish I would have found Jessica and started sleep training sooner!!

Kira and Shaun, Fort McMurray, AB, (son, age 5 months at time of training)

After months of waking up  two to three times a night with our 1 year old daughter, we decided to give Jessica a call. Initially we thought she was too old for sleep training but from our first phone call and through the entire program Jessica was understanding, supportive and helpful. The program, tips and coaching that Jessica provided changed our lives, our daughter now sleeps through the night, is in a better mood during the day, and we are able to get some much needed rest.

Betty and Tulio, Calgary, AB (daughter, age 1 year at time of training)

Before sleep training began we were constantly worried whether our twin girls were getting enough sleep. They didn’t have a consistent bedtime or wakeup time, and the simple routine we had established when they were newborns was falling apart. The sleep training schedule required commitment and seemed difficult at the beginning, but we quickly established a new routine and began to see a change in our twins’ sleep patterns and behaviour right away. Not only were we given the plan, but through Jessica’s support we were able to understand the things that contribute to a good sleep and adjust accordingly when necessary. We are about four weeks in and there has been a noticeable change in our girls when they are awake. They are much more happy, alert, and playful. This has been an absolute blessing to our family!

Sarah and Jay, St. Albert, AB (twin daughters, age 9 weeks at time of training)

When we finally contacted Jessica, we were ready for a big change.  Our son was the king of cat naps and was waking every two hours during the night.  We had to rock him to sleep each time and didn’t know how to get him to sleep longer or fall asleep on his own.  We were exhausted. We heard of Jessica through a friend and were excited to meet her. From day one, Jessica was compassionate and very easy to talk to. She tailored the sleep plan to our needs and adjusted accordingly throughout the weeks. Jessica was always available to answer any questions we had and offer support when we felt like caving. After three weeks, I am so happy to say that our son is now an excellent napper and the difference at night is amazing. Not only do we have a much happier and rested baby, but also now have the tools to help him get the sleep he needs.  This experience has been exceptional and we would recommend Jessica to any parent who is feeling overwhelmed and wanting to get the proper sleep for their baby.

Katie and Glenn, Calgary, AB (son, age 3 months at time of training)

My son was never a great sleeper, however, I always thought he would just grow out of it. When it got closer to his first birthday and things were getting worse and not better, I knew we needed help. I had read all the books, looked online and sought advice from my family doctor. In the end I knew I needed advice specific to our situation as well as support throughout the process. I had found Jessica’s website after doing some research on sleep consultants in the area. Jessica was extremely personable and was very empathetic to our dilemma. She was quick to respond to my initial inquiry and completed our unique plan just a few days after we met. Our plan was incredibly detailed and outlined exactly how we should respond in every scenario. Our son responded to the plan very quickly. I was actually shocked at how easy it was and how fast it worked. We are no longer up with our son multiple times a night. He now has the ability to put himself back to sleep when he wakes up in the middle of the night and for naps during the day. Life has become exponentially easier! I only wish I had contacted Jessica earlier. I would not hesitate to recommend Jessica to a family member or friend who has a child who is struggling with sleep.

Jillian, Calgary, AB, (son, age 11 months at time of training)

I can hardly believe the difference in my daughter’s sleep patterns in just three weeks of sleep training with Jessica!  My daughter was 6 months when I just couldn’t take it anymore.  She was taking four or five 30 minutes naps during the day and waking several times a night, usually resulting in me bringing her into my bed in the early morning, just so that I could get a bit of extra sleep.  Now she is napping for at least an hour at a time three times a day and sleeping in her own crib for the entire night!

At first I was hesitant to pay for a sleep consultant.  I had read several books on the subject and figured that a sleep consultant would probably just say the same things so why should I pay for the services?  But as I continued to read about sleep training, each book created more questions for me!  I would try a method I’d read about and then quickly encounter a situation that wasn’t covered in the book.  I was incredibly frustrated and I eventually decided to ask for some help.  It was a great decision!

Jessica created a sleep plan for my daughter and once we got started there were daily phone calls and lots of emails which is where I think the real value of a sleep consultant is.  I had so many questions about various situations and Jessica answered every one of them!  It was fantastic to be able to finally get the answers and explanations I needed.  She answered them very quickly I was often able to incorporate her suggestions by the next nap or bed time.

Those daily phone calls/emails provided me with the support I needed to help me sleep train my daughter.  She was there to keep me accountable and stick to the plan and continued to encourage me when I would start worrying or get frustrated.

I would highly recommend Jessica to any family that is hoping for better sleep!  It is possible!  You’ll be amazed at the results!

Faye and Glen, Edmonton, AB (daughter, age 6 months at time of training)

By the time we contacted Jessica, we were carrying our son for every nap and cosleeping at night (and by “cosleeping” we mean cradling him in our bed).  He seemed to hate his crib; crying when he was put into it, and rarely staying in it for more than 20 minutes when we put him into it fast asleep.  It was exhausting and we were afraid we were setting him up for bad sleep habits!  We read several sleep books and scoured the internet looking for advice, but felt overwhelmed by all the information.  We just wanted someone to tell us how to get our son into the crib and sleeping there!

By the very first day of sleep shaping with Jessica, our son was already sleeping in his crib with minimal crying for all his naps and night time!  We couldn’t believe it.  Over the course of 3 weeks, we’ve been able to improve his length of naps and night time sleep.  It was great to have Jessica there to promptly answer all our questions (and we had lots!) and to be a support during the process.

We definitely recommend Jessica as a sleep consultant!

Anonymous, (son, age 11 weeks at time of training)

Our daughter was ever changing with her sleep habits, but around 4 months old she started to wake up every 2 hours at night and would only nap 30-45mins during the day. It would take me hours to try to get her to sleep at night only for her to wake 45mins later - I was beyond exhausted. I read plenty of books, but I wasn’t sure I would be able to follow through on their instructions because they left me with more questions and I needed further guidance. Then I found Jessica and was so grateful to know that there is help out there and someone I could actually talk to and have my questions answered! From the first call Jessica made me feel so at ease and I was so impressed with how quick she was to answer my questions and how she was truly compassionate to my situation.

I was nervous before we started the training, but if I knew what I know now, I wish I had started this so much earlier! The training started to work the very first day we started and only got better from there. Our daughter still has moments where her sleeps may not be “perfect”, but she is a baby and sometimes things will bother her. Overall, my baby is now a great sleeper and I never thought I would be able to say that! I tell every mother I know about my experience with Jessica and how I highly recommend her :)

Kendal and Jason, Calgary, AB (daughter age 5.5 months at time of training)

I contacted Jessica when our little guy was 6 months old. We were getting up anywhere from 8-12 times a night to either give him his soother or a bottle.  Our first slept through the night from day one, so I started to think this was ‘payback’ from baby #2. I knew that he was capable of sleeping during the night, and even tried many of the different ‘methods’ with no success– this is where Jessica came in!!!!!!

Jessica was FANTASTIC!  Right from the first email/phone call through
to our very last one, she was always prompt in replying, always giving advice, and constantly reminding us of what a good job we were doing!

Since we started sleep training a few weeks ago, our little guy sleeps through the night and naps well during the day, but most importantly, has learnt how to ‘self soothe’ when he does wake up. Everyone comments on how he’s become much more happier and content, and I know it’s because he’s getting the sleep he needs; our whole family is!

We would recommend Jessica to anyone and everyone- we’ve seen first hand how important sleep is to infants, but most importantly, how it’s made our whole little family much happier!

Thanks Jessica!

Family of 4, Blackfalds, AB (son, age 6 months at time of training)

We were very impressed with the level of professionalism Jessica displayed. Turnaround time and attention to detail were so imperative when we approached Jessica with our 2 year old daughter’s sleep issues. Her plan was clear and easy to follow, specifically made for us. We are so glad we made the call!

Jen and Scott, Calgary, AB (daughter, age 2 at time of training)

It was embarrassing for me to admit that my Daughter was not sleeping in her own bed for well over a year. Jessica helped me to openly talk about her sleeping habits without feeling ashamed, and thanks to her I have a plan that is working for us! My Daughter has been sleeping in her own bed now for almost two months and has become a much more self-confident and happy girl! I would not hesitate to recommend Jessica’s services to anyone I know, you will be glad you did, I know I am!

Gina and Rick, Calgary, AB (daughter, age 3 at time of training)

We wanted to say a big thank you to Jessica for helping us regain our sanity! When we first consulted with Jessica our little one was 7.5 months. He was still waking for feedings one to two times per nights and straight up refused to nap. We realized that he was sleep deprived, but couldn’t seem to find a way out of it and it was affecting the whole family.

 Jessica listened to our story, asked some detailed questions and gave some “pre-training” feedback homework. We started implementing some of her suggestions right away hoping to ease the sleep training stress on our little one by phasing in some of the easier adjustments. To our amazement we started to notice a difference right away! By the time we started official training he was already well on his way to our sleep goals. He still struggles with afternoon naps sometimes (especially if we’ve missed queues and he gets overtired), but overall is a well rested happy little guy… Which makes for a well rested happy family. Thanks again Jessica!

Jenn and Cory, Calgary, AB (son, aged 7.5 months at time of training)

Jessica created a sleep plan that has been a God-send for us.  Before connecting with Jessica, I was well on my way to fostering some pretty bad habits for my 3 month old son.  Initially, the only way I could get my son to sleep or nap was by using his swing, car seat or letting him sleep in my arms. I knew this  wouldn’t work in the long term and wanted to get him on the right track.  After connecting with Jessica and implementing her plan, my son has been happily sleeping and napping in his crib from day one. He has also learned to sleep independently – no more having to take hours to put him to bed and no more hourly middle of the night wakings!

Jessica gave me the tools to feel confident about bedtime. She was also very supportive throughout the entire process by providing prompt answers to any questions that came up during training.

Jessica is fantastic and I’d highly recommend her services to anyone!

Janice, Calgary, AB (son, age 12 weeks at time of training)

After co-sleeping with my daughter for 3 months and enduring every-other hour nursing sessions, I was anxious for my daughter to sleep in her own crib! Jessica stepped in as my “Sleep Saviour!” I had heard great things about sleep training, and I was ready for my daughter to have healthy sleep habits! Jessica was able to give me suggestions that have enabled me to prolong her day naps, and night time sleeping, without leaving her to cry it out!  I wasn’t aware of how over-tired my little girl was, which was affecting her moods, and sleep, and mine! Within a week I had my daughter in her crib without any distress!  I was so grateful with Jessica’s sleep training techniques and how quickly they calmed her.  I have learned many sleep signals that I wasn’t previously aware of.  I now can understand my daughters needs and wants. I am so content to have a happy baby! Jessica’s voice of experience, her compassion, and patience has been such a blessing to our whole family!

Heidi and Joe, Powell River, BC (daughter, age 10.5 weeks at time of training)