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Do you and your family need better, more restful sleep? Upon A Dream Consulting is a trusted expert in baby and childhood sleep and newborn consulting. Read what satisfied past customers have to say.

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Why Choose Upon a Dream Consulting?

The quality and quantity of an infant or child's sleep affects the well-being of everyone in the household.

Upon a Dream is here to help families achieve harmony! Starting with an in-depth analysis of your child's sleep history, routine and environment, I provide detailed, customized plans for each and every client. I combine compassion and care with solid, proven guidelines to help shape your child's sleep habits for the physical growth and mental development they need. Every child (and family) deserves the gift of sleep.

Get the rest you need now. Call today at 250-870-7991. I service Alberta, Saskatchewan, B.C., and beyond; Upon a Dream can work with any client, anywhere in the world! Skype or Telephone consultations are available for all our services.

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Why Sleep Consulting?

May 1, 2015 - No Comments

I wanted to take this chance to write a little bit about why I chose to do child sleep consulting for a living. Flash back to when I had my daughter, I had very unrealistic expectations of what to expect in regards to the sleep habits of my child. I thought that for the first [...]


Top 10 Outings for Parents with Kids in Calgary

April 1, 2015 - No Comments

I. The Calgary Zoo – There is always something going on at the zoo. From exhibits, to programs, to lots of cool animals, the Calgary Zoo is the perfect place to spend an outing with your family. II. TELUS Spark, The Science Center – The culmination of over a decade of planning, design and construction [...]


The Importance of Sleep for Children

March 1, 2015 - No Comments

I have heard many statements about a child’s sleep habits come out a parent’s mouth: “She doesn’t sleep well, but she will grow out of it”, “Eventually he HAS to start sleeping through the night”, “My child doesn’t need naps”. The list goes on. And then when their child acts out or is upset or [...]